Anticipating integrating the three new does into my existing herd caused me some angst. While I had never had issues with sheep accepting new ewes, goats are a different ball of wax. Even long-time residents of the herd have had issues with herd mates and it has not been uncommon to have two or more goats gang up on one – rearing on their hind legs and coming down for a head butt. Sometimes those butts are to the other goat’s body with sufficient force to move the goat. Since two of the new does were (hopefully) bred at the time I purchased them, the thought of serious fighting between the does was of concern.

On Friday evening, after milking, I put Blunderosa Minnie Pearl (Pearl) in with my three does. There was the expected head butting and Pearl spent much of the night bleating for her herd mates. The next morning, at feeding time, I pulled Blunderosa Buttons and Bows and Blunderosa Just Charmin’ from quarantine and put them in with the other does. Again, there was the expected head butting and posturing with all the does ignoring the filled feeders. However, whether it was due to the heat – already in the 80s – or ??? the does settled down after less than 20 minutes and throughout the day when I checked on them, the does were hanging out in their own groups but staying out of each other’s way.

I didn’t have the camera with me during chores so I missed any chance of photos of the does posturing. I really figured the challenges would last much longer and that I’d have ample opportunity to take pictures.

For the time being at least, all is quiet in the doe pen and now the waiting game to see if Buttons and Charmin’ are indeed bred.


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