Hand Made Soaps

Hand-made soaps cost considerably more than commercial soaps. Therefore, if you are going to pay the price for hand-made soap, please make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Occasionally I will run into someone who tells me that she makes soap but upon further discussion it transpires that what the individual really does is buy a “base” soap, melt it down, add a fragrance and then re-mold it. Quibeyn Farm makes “cold-process” soap where oils are selected for particular attributes such as lather, conditioning, hardness and then lye is mixed with goat milk (produced by the goats on the farm) or, in some instances, distilled water, coffee or even pureed cucumber. Essential oils (no chemical fragrances) and other ingredients such as oatmeal are added once the lye solution has been mixed with the selected oils and brought to trace and then, finally, the soap is poured into a variety of molds. After unmolding the soaps are cut into bars and allowed to cure.

On a related note, I see the term “castile” soap used frequently even when the soap is not true “castile” soap. To be a true castile soap, the only oil used is olive oil. Olive oil produces a very conditioning and cleansing, bar of soap but it requires a lengthy curing process (4 to 6 months as opposed to 4 to 6 weeks for most other soaps) to achieve any hardness. However, once fully cured, castile soap is a very hard soap.

The oils used to make Quibeyn Farm soaps are carefully selected. Olive oil is never the cheaper pomace oil (the last grade of olive oil that is chemically extracted) but top grade oil (pressed). Palm oil, a staple of most soaps for the hardness it provides to a bar, is not used as most palm oils are from non-sustainable sources; i.e., rain forests are destroyed to enable the planting of palm trees. Instead, a more costly substitute, shea butter (and sometimes cocoa butter) is used.


Quibeyn Farms is proud to offer eco-friendly soaps made without the chemicals and other additives found in commercial soaps. Prices range from 4.50 to 5.50 for most bars, with discounts available for purchases of 4 or more bars. Unless otherwise specified, all soaps are made with goat milk.

Contact quibeynfarm @ gmx.com (remove spaces) for information on available soaps. Custom orders are also accepted.

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