Welcome to the Farm

When I first moved to the farm I was operating a dog training business and had a sign at the end of the driveway. When I closed the business and removed the sign I decided to put a farm sign on the gate so that the (now occasional) visitor could find me. I bought a sign that turned out to be a plastic foamcore. While the sign was attractive when first installed it did not hold up well to the weather and after two occasions of having the Fed Ex driver leave packages at my neighbors (despite a phone call where I gave him directions) I decided I needed a new sign and one that had my address.

The original gate sign had photos of sheep, dogs and a goat but I decided to use a photo of an oil painting that a former dog training client had painted for me the year I first ran the business here. The three dogs are the ones I had when I moved here in 2007. Sleet – a failed foster from ARPH – who is now spending most of her time sleeping and eating; Jet – an Australian Shepherd who I lost a few years ago; and Tuck – who was six months old when I moved here and who I lost in June – way too earlier.