Spring is a busy time

There is always something that needs to be done when raising livestock but springtime with new lambs and kids is even more hectic.

It is always welcome when an extra pair of hands is willing to help out, so when three extra pairs of hands offered to help vaccinate lambs I jumped at the offer.

Every year the process becomes more efficient. This year the lambs were moved into the creep feeder and one helper blocked the entrance/exit to the creep feeder. Of course, not all the lambs were initially cooperative but we started with those that did enter the creep feeder. With one helper blocking the lambs from getting out (there were a few “oops” but we got those lambs along with the few that had refused to enter), another holding the vaccine and someone to catch lambs it was a lot quicker even though there were more lambs to vaccinate. My other improvement on past years was to not worry about the paperwork and trying to write down the ear tag number of each lamb. Instead I gave each helper a twist-stick animal marker so that each lamb, after being vaccinated, could be marked, making it easy to see which lambs had already been vaccinated without having to catch them, check an ear-tag and let them go.

The helpers did get a little carried away with the markers though . . .DSC01774