Pre-Christmas Sale – Handmade Goat Milk Soaps

I’ve been trying to squeeze in making a few batches of goat milk soap before Christmas so that the soaps will be cured by early December. While clearing the curing racks for new soaps, I have inventoried various goat milk soaps that are already cured.

From now until the end of October, these soaps will be available for sale at a reduced price. And, as always, a ten percent discount applies to all orders of four or more bars. Limited quantities of each. Bars weigh 4.0 to 4.5 ounces – all weights are approximate as bars are hand cut. See my soap page for details on all soaps, including what makes a true Castile soap.

The following goat milk soaps are currently in stock and on sale:

Castile Soap normally 6.00 a bar, on sale for 5.75 – if you have never tried a true Castile soap this is a great time to try what I consider the best soap available. Made with goat milk and orange/grapefruit essential oils.

Soaps normally 5.50 a bar, on sale for 5.25:

Rectangular soaps include

orange/grapefruit essential oils (EO) with French Clay

scotch pine EO

Ylang Ylang EO

Soaps normally 5.00 a bar, on sale for 4.75:

Rectangular soaps include

coffee (wonderful exfoliant) 20151017_105043-1_resized

Moroccan Clay

Experimental soaps* normally 4.50 a bar, on sale for 4.25:

Rectangular soaps include

Jasmine EO with Nettleleaf

Round soaps include


Juniper Berry


*Experimental soaps are either new recipes or tried and true recipes where I added a new botanical or clay. I gave samples out for feedback on lathering, conditioning, cleansing, etc. and since testers often fixate on fragrance, I typically don’t use essential oils. If the experimental soap is for sale it means I received positive feedback from testers and I am therefore selling any remaining bars.

On the curing racks in time for Christmas are:

Spanish Lavender EO with oatmeal
Beer with lemongrass EO (made with a home brewed stout) – this is an experimental soap which will be offered to testers prior to being put up for sale
Spearmint/eucalyptus EO with French Clay