I have wanted Icelandic chickens for quite some time. A few years ago I had tried the route of having hatching eggs shipped but only ended up with only six chicks hatching and only two survived more than a couple of days. I lost both to predators within a couple of months.

A friend with Icelandics had a hen go broody and hatch four chicks out of a clutch of 8 eggs. I was supposed to pick up the four chicks on the 22nd, but the fire on the 20th prevented me from getting them as planned. I did manage to pick up the chicks a few days ago. Since I’ve never raised such a small number of chicks in the brooder before I was a little concerned whether the heat lamp would be sufficient but the chicks all seem to be doing well.

Icelandics are what I would call a “land race” in dogs — a breed that is focused on breeding to maintain function rather than breeding to create a uniform appearance. All four chicks are different colors and it will be interesting to see the adult plumage for each.

Icelandic Chicks

I had an order for Icelandic chicks from a poultry breeder in Iowa last year but due to circumstances, he was unable to fill the order. Rather than request a refund I asked him to ship chicks this year when he could. I recently got an e-mail from him saying he hoped to ship chicks in mid-June. By then, these four will be able to be moved out of the brooder into the associated section of coop. I’m excited to finally get my Icelandics (now to wait and see how many roosters versus hens I get as the above, as well as the ones which will be shipped, are all “straight run” and not sexed.

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