Fall Surprise

I staggered breedings on does this year, expecting kids in March and August. March came with no kids so I rebred those does and reconciled myself to having all the does kid in August. Then August came and no kids. At the end of the month I rebred all the does for kids in January. One of my does escaped a couple of weeks ago and I found her parading in front of the buck pen — obviously not bred and back in heat.  I did  go ahead and expose her to a buck again, making the appropriate notations in my records.

So imagine my surprise when I went out this morning and found . . .

The gestation period is 150 days plus or minus three for goats, which would mean that this doe was bred the beginning of June. Except she wasn’t. I have no explanation for how I ended up with a kid this morning – and of course, it is a buckling. While normally I prefer doelings, in this case, a buckling is fine. Rather than spend the money verifying parentage which would be necessary before registering the kid, I will just wether him at the appropriate time and plan on butchering him.

So now I just wait to see who else surprises me. . .

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