Tuesday Takes

Oddly I have a plant that is producing two different colored spaghetti squash – one started as a green stripe and the other as a light cream. I have been checking daily to see if any were mature enough to cut off the vine and today the rind of the green one finally seemed hard enough. I’ve never seen a spaghetti squash this color before so it will be interesting to see what it tastes like.

Three of the chicks are still alive and growing rapidly. It looks like one is a Delaware cross (the rooster is a mix) and the other two look like Australorp crosses.



  1. Out of thhe four original chickens, we have one. Talkie. She laid her first egg 3 days ago, and then, daily. She has made a flock of tenzen and nogal. Looking forward to hearing how the squash is

    • Glad to hear you are getting at least one egg a day. I tried something new by cooking the squash in the pressure cooker. Despite the green outside, the inside looked and tasted like a regular spaghetti squash. The chickens got the rind and seeds – I got enough squash for 2-3 meals – so we are all happy right now (except for the extremely high temperatures and humidity.)

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