Sunday Snaps

Spaghetti Squash

Bantam Chick hatched June 2nd



  1. I have some squash type (or melon or?) growing in the middle of my garden. Potatoes too – my compost does better at seeding that I do. My garden is always a surprise to me and not a bit orderly. If something dies I go buy a plant and stick it in there, then I forget what it was until it matures. I even have wild berries growing in there.

  2. Blue birds and black birds ate my cucumber plants. Squash plants getting bigger. Loved to have your cute chicken but I am not zoned for livestock. If I don’t get a good garden this year I am going to say forget it and just buy organic. I spend too much money and get too little of a yield.

  3. Totally understand — as mentioned this will be my last year gardening if I don’t succeed. However, for most fruits and vegetables buying organic is a waste of money. When I have an opportunity to shop up in Albuquerque, I go to Sprout’s Farmers Market and buy locally grown produce. It is much better than produce at any of the grocery stores and actually even cheaper. According to the store’s website, there is a store close to you – try Sprout’s Farmers Market. You can get organic there if it is really important to you but I would suggest the locally grown.

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