More of Nature’s Camouflage

The other evening when I was working outside, Fix started showing a little too much interest in what appeared to be a patch of grass. Hoping he hadn’t found a snake, I investigated. I have seen an increase in lizards this year and Fix has had a great time chasing them (though since he hasn’t caught one I suspect he is just enjoying the chase and happy to let them find a safe spot.) This is, however, the first time I have seen one of these on the property. Can you identify it?



    • It is (but actually it is a horned lizard a/k/a Horny Toad). I have not seen one on the property before. It wasn’t behaving like a typical lizard; i.e., running and Fix had no idea what he was supposed to do with it. It was gone when I checked again after chores so hopefully it found a safe location to do whatever lizards do.

  1. they would most ordinarily be on the more rocky terrain, like across the road from your place, i think. But
    if it’s dryer than usual, no rain, maybe made the shift for water. They are so funny, their little tails…. I’ve
    seen one here which surprised me.

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