Seldom Herd DA Cosmos’ First Kids

I bred Quibeyn Chai (Joey’s last daughter) to Cosmos in hopes of getting a doeling to carry on Joey’s milking ability. Chai had snuck in with a buck I was borrowing when she was six months old – way too young for me to want her bred – and she had a kid in June 2016, a single buckling. Since Chai was small and only had a single, her udder development wasn’t as good as I would have liked, but she nevertheless produced a respectable amount of milk and I kept her in milk for almost a full year, drying her off only because I went on vacation last year.

I held off breeding her again until this past fall, wanting her to grow up a bit more. I had put her in with Cosmos at the same time I put Pearl in with Cowikee but a month later Chai went back into season. Cosmos was pretty small at the time so I hadn’t been surprised. I put her back in with Cosmos for another week and he managed to breed her the second time.

I was expecting her to kid on Sunday, but she had other ideas. When I went out to feed Friday morning I found two kids with Chai and after entering the doe pen, discovered a third kid lying next to the fence. I thought the third kid was dead until I picked it up and it cried. No muscle tone and no sucking reflex but since it was a doeling (and the other two bucklings) I wanted to try to save her. First order of business was to try and warm her up. I put her in a sink full of hot water (holding her head up) to bring her core temperature up and then dried her off well with towels. (I don’t own a hair dryer but that will change here shortly.) She was placed in a box with dry towels next to a space heater while I went out and milked out some colostrum from Chai. Since I couldn’t find my kidding supplies, I put her wrapped  in dry towels and a syringe full of colostrum in the car and made a run into the feed store. My usual feed store didn’t have a feeding tube the correct size so I tried the newly opened Tractor Supply. That was a joke and just reinforced my unwillingness to shop there. The next stop was a local vet clinic where I was able (at a very inflated price) to buy a catheter to use as a feeding tube. I tube fed the kid in the car before making one last stop to buy a bottled soft drink (nipples don’t fit on water bottles). I continued to tube feed her throughout the day without seeing any improvement at all and I finally lost her in the early evening.

Chai, thankfully, is doing well, as are her two remaining kids.


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