Fall Flowers – Addendum

The previous owners had sown sunflowers in the area in front of the house. Since I haven’t been willing to use herbicides, my weed control is limited to pulling weeds by hand. I had thought I had pulled all the sunflowers before they seeded the first year I was here, and indeed, in the next couple of years I had a couple of sunflower plants but certainly not many. Over the years, the number of sunflowers have waxed and waned. This year though I have more sunflowers – and in places they have never been before – than I have ever seen. This photo doesn’t truly show the enormity of the situation.

Internet research suggests that livestock will eat the entire stalk, not just the head, so I plan on starting to pull sunflowers to feed to the remaining sheep and the goats.

A walk down the drive with the dogs the other day showed several different wildflowers in a wide array of delicate colors but unfortunately when I walked down again intending to take photographs, they had already disappeared, to be replaced with purple tansyleaf tansyasters. The closest I could come to my location was ten miles south and it appears the flowers blooming were those I had last week. Blooms are generally very transient in my part of the world so it is a matter of blink and you miss them.

ADDENDUM: So I took the dogs down the drive earlier this morning looking for wildflowers that I saw last week and did find some still blooming in a different area (as well as a “bush” that just exploded into color this morning). Photos are from the phone so not the best . . .


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