Goat Pens

Since selling most of the ewes and lambs this past spring I have been contemplating how I wanted to re-configure my animal pens. I considered moving the pens to the area around the barn but after deliberating on the pros and cons, decided I would keep the pens in the current location since it was more or less visible from where I work during the day. The lambing jugs will keep their current location and purpose (only for goat kids instead) and the main goat pen next to the horse corral will get a few minor repairs but otherwise will stay. However, the pen that used to be for the sheep will be taken down and rebuilt and two additional pens will be built. The configuration I have planned will allow me to bring the trailer directly back to the animal pens and will also permit expansion should I need more pens in the future. With the working pen dismantled, I hope to be able to re-seed the areas where I will not be building new pens.The below is a rough schematic of my current plans and the sizing may differ slightly once I start building. The “temporary” pens I built seven to eight years ago have worked well enough that I will use cattle panel and T-posts again since it is something I can do by myself if necessary and is relatively inexpensive compared to sinking fence posts and stringing fencing. It also is easier to change if I decide the new pens aren’t working quite as well as I envisioned.

8 foot
BUCK Alley
shelter shelter
4 foot Alley

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