Flies, Flies and More Flies

Flies are part of summer. When there is livestock around, the number of flies is exponentially increased. The past few years I have used fly predators, with the occasional fly-trap, for fly control and it has kept the fly population under control. Last year, however, the fly predators didn’t seem to be doing as good of a job so I investigated other sources for purchasing fly predators and decided to go with another company this year. I increased the number of fly predators I purchased monthly and decreased the number of livestock and yet the fly problem this year has been worse than ever. I also started getting biting flies which has not been a problem in years past. After I spoke with a representative of the company where I purchased the fly predators and learned a few things about different types of flies and fly reproduction that I hadn’t known before, I purchased some traps designed for biting (stable) flies which are not attracted to the usual fly-trap. The traps arrived and I put out two yesterday evening at feeding time. The below photos were taken at feeding time this evening , approximately 24 hours later. As can be seen, the traps work very well though it is somewhat horrifying to know exactly how bad of a fly problem I have. (I also was surprised to see that one trap caught about 8 wasps as I haven’t seen any wasps this year.) These traps are supposed to be reusable so tomorrow morning I will take them down and gently hose the dead flies off and then rehang the traps. I’m hoping that my plans for a new goat set-up will help control the fly problem next year.

Fly Trap no. 1

Fly Trap no. 2



  1. And these are only the biting flies (and a few wasps). . . the other flytrap is full of the flies attracted to the smell of decaying matter. I’m not sure exactly why I am having more of a fly problem this year but hopefully with what I learned from the company representative, I can get a jump start on the problem next spring.

  2. Flies just started being horrible at my house since the rain started. Rodents have been a huge problems this year.

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