High Winds and Trees – not a good mix

Last night’s thunderstorm dropped about 2 inches of rain in less than an hour. It was also accompanied by high winds. While the dogs and I took shelter in the house, I heard the familiar crack of what I thought was a branch coming down. It was raining hard enough that I couldn’t see more than 6 inches in front of me. After the rain let up and I could see, it was an unpleasant shock to see that the cottonwood that had been off the side of the horse corral had snapped at the base and fallen onto the pipe fence and into the corral. The canopy completely covered the corral and it wasn’t possible to see the horse. I dashed out to see if the horse had been hit by the tree and found her in a small 4×4 spot in the corner of the corral furthest from the tree, luckily unharmed.




















































A friend came by at 6:30 this morning with a chain saw and in an hour and a half we had cleared most of the corral. Unfortunately, this cottonwood hosted a beehive so as soon as the bees became active we had to stop work.

Once I deal with the bees, we will finish clearing the tree out of the corral and off the pipe fence and then I will have to find someone to repair the fence. In the meantime, the horse is now in what used to be the sheep pen on the other side of the goats.






  1. oh…EEEEEEEEEE….o and i am so sorry for this, but what does “sorry ” mean, really, but i know
    of someone who does pipe fence. He’s not the most efficient time wise…slowish, but does a good job.
    let me know if you want his #. He has done work for Bill McIntosh.
    SO beyond glad that horse made her way to that small space. and am interested to know how you
    will deal with the bees

    • Thanks, I’ll email you for his number. If you know anyone who might relocate the hive, let me know. I tried finding someone a couple of years ago with no success and if I can’t relocate the hive I’ll have to kill the bees to get the tree cut up and out of the corral. I’d rather not have to kill the bees but I can’t leave the hive and tree in the corral either.

  2. Wow that is scary. I am glad the horse wasn’t hurt and I am glad no trees fell on your house. Dangerous. Did you know you had bees in the tree before it came down?

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