Temperatures dropping. . .

and so, of course, are lambs. We’ve had several days of beautiful (t-shirt) weather and no lambs. We did get a few rain drops this afternoon but other than being cloudy and grey, today was fairly warm. No lambs. Just about dark one of my ewes started showing signs of being in labor. I just went out to check on her and found her cleaning off her second lamb. Both appear to be of good size so am debating whether to leave them alone or try to shepherd the ewe into the lambing jugs.

ADDENDUM: Shortly after writing the above post it started raining so I trekked out to the barn for hay and set up a lambing jug for the new mom and her twins. See the comments for that story. The temperatures kept dropping however and by the time I did my night check only a couple of hours later it was snowing. It has warmed up (raining again) so much of the snow is now gone and I didn’t lose any lambs overnight. Today promises to be a dismal day so more lambs can be expected.



  1. It started raining so I made the trek to the barn for hay and fixed up a lambing jug for the ewe and lambs. Catching the lambs and carrying them to the jug was simple enough but mama was having none of it. After carrying lambs back to her a couple of times to try to entice her to follow, I finally gave up, put the lambs in the jug and then manhandled the ewe to the jug. Lots of fun because she was bound and determined to head back to where she had left the lambs. Not easy moving 100 lbs of very p*** off sheep when it wants to go in the opposite direction – in the dark when it is raining – but they are all settled in the lambing jug and I’m about ready to make my last check for the night.

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