Still here. . .

It has been a depressing winter though warmer than usual.

Counting 150 days from the introduction of the ram last fall, the earliest date I could expect lambing to start was February 1st. Wednesday morning (the 1st) I went out to feed and found a ewe had indeed lambed.


A single ram lamb. I didn’t have time to weigh him, but when I finally did on Friday morning he weighed a hefty 12.75 lbs. I’ve never had a brown this dark before. I wonder if a sheepskin rug can be made from a hair sheep.

Nothing on Thursday, but on Friday morning my most productive ewe gave me twins.


The first born, a ram lamb, weighed 10 lbs, while his twin, a ewe lamb, was a petite 6.5 lbs. She, however, was the first one up and nursing.

Although I was expecting a couple of ewes to lamb sometime last night, neither seemed inclined to get on with business. A ewe who hadn’t been showing any particular signs of lambing delivered twins mid-morning today. Again a brown ram lamb (9 lbs) and a ewe lamb (8.5 lbs).


This ewe is the daughter of the ewe who dropped the first lamb this year. So a good start to lambing this year.



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