Slopping Hogs

I repositioned the trough in the pig pasture the other day and then secured (I thought) it to the ground. I set it up away from the fence but close enough that I could use a section of PVC pipe to deliver milk from outside the fence. It worked well in the first use . . . .


Accessible from either side and accommodates the five hogs without fighting.

Unfortunately, despite driving U-bolts through the feet and into the ground, it only took a short time for the hogs to turn it upside down. On to Plan B (once I think of Plan B.)



  1. Slops are waste foods fed to hogs . . . or in this case, excess milk. The hogs also get scraps of fresh fruits and veggies that friends save for them, windfall fruits, etc. all of which can be considered ‘waste’ hence slopping hogs.

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