And More Milk

I was expecting Nougat to kid last week, but she showed no signs of pending labor. The past few days she wasn’t eating with her usual enthusiasm but I attributed that to her size (enormously huge) and the fact that she didn’t appear to have a lot of room for food. I bought her as a first freshener in January 2014. She had given her previous owner triplets – all doelings. In May 2014 she gave me triplets – also all doelings. Given her past history and her size, I was sure she was going to have at least triplets again this year, and I was hoping for doelings.

Just before 5 pm today I went out and found her cleaning a kid off. I went back in to finish a job and came back out about 15 minutes later to find her cleaning off a second kid. Chai and her buckling got turned out of the lambing jugs, as did Garfunkel, and I cleaned out the lambing jugs. Chai and Ash were rounded up and put in the doe pen and Garfunkel (who had latched on to his mom for a quick meal) was caught and put back in one section of the lambing jugs. I then moved Nougat and her two kids into the other section of the jugs. I weighed both – the first-born was a male, just over 5 lbs, and the second was also male, and just under 6 lbs. Try as I might, Nougat was still so huge I couldn’t get my arms around her to “bounce” her to see if she had another kid inside. I made a quick run into town and checked on Nougat when I got back. . . still only the two kids and no signs of distress so I’m assuming that despite her huge size, two is all she’s going to give me this year.

Nougat and her two bucklings - Smoke and Spark.

Nougat and her two bucklings – Smoke and Spark.



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