Out of fire comes . . . Ash

From the 21st:

Chai, the little doeling I bottle raised last summer when Joey unexpectedly and unexplainably died, also snuck into the buck’s pen, though she at least waited until she was six months old. (Yes, a six month old Nigerian Dwarf can squeeze through a cattle panel fence.) She started bagging up during the time she was being housed at my friend’s so I was afraid she would kid before I got her home again. However, that fear, at least, was unrealized and we have all been back long enough to settle into our routine. Shortly after 5 pm today I shut down the computer to go and feed animals. As I approached the doe pen, I saw Chai off behind a tree, looking like she was licking off a kid. Sure enough, she had one kid on the ground.

I fixed up the lambing jugs and moved Chai and her new kid – a buckling of course. He weighs 2 lbs.

20160621_180909_resized (2)

Chai has passed the placenta so one kid will be it for her this year. She has nice teats and I’m looking forward to putting her on the milk stand in a couple of weeks.


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