Dinner on the Farm

After much angst, one of my acorn squashes finally matured. It certainly didn’t look like what you can buy in the store . . .

Odd little acorn squash

Odd little acorn squash

It sat on my counter for a few days until I finally remembered to pull a package of frozen ground lamb from the freezer out in the pump house. Last night I opened the squash up and scooped out the seeds.
Ready to stuff

Ready to stuff

While the oven was preheating, I sauteed some onions with the lamb burger and then added a few more ingredients. I then filled the squash with the ground lamb and baked for about 50 minutes (which was probably about 15 minutes too long as the squash basically pureed itself.)
The final product

The final product

Dinner was excellent. (I had saved the outside of the squash for the hogs after I had scooped out squash and meat, but one of the dogs decided she really liked baked squash and ate most of it before I caught her.)



  1. LUST
    this dinner looks Excellent…how gratifying, the squash, no matter shape…amazing that you
    grew it in your Inside Garden…
    this also made me think that if possible, i’d like some ground lamb this year…can i get on a list?

  2. yummy. Next year I will grow acorn squash. I am getting a lot of tomatoes now. Dogs ate the spaghetti squash.

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