Plus Five More

I was hard at work this morning when I heard some cheeping. Since the two chicks in the brooder with the hen are too far from the house to be heard, I figured I was hearing things and ignored it. However, when I heard cheeping again a couple of hours later I went out to investigate. I found a hen with five chicks in the area between the drive and the pump house. After a couple of abortive attempts to catch the chicks I went back to work. Tonight when I went out to feed I found the hen on the outside of the run attached to the chicken coop with all five chicks under her. I had opened the brooder into the run this morning so the other hen and her two chicks were in the run. Therefore, my goal was to get the second hen and five chicks into the brooder. However things didn’t go quite as planned and I ended up with four chicks in the brooder and the hen and one chick into the run. While trying to get her and the chick into the brooder, the other hen and her two chicks went back into the brooder and all six chicks ended up with the hen. Some fancy shuffling managed to separate the hen from all the chicks and I was able to finally catch the four chicks and put them out in the run with the hen. Four black chicks and one yellow chick.

20160525_182113 (2)20160525_182041 (2)



  1. love reading…i can watch the Movie in my mind….why can’t they get the drift?…that it’s all just
    so ok and be cooperative…not….but am happy for them, to be safe.

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