First Milking

Thyme kidded out about three weeks ago. She was (unintentionally) bred way too young and is very small. She is a first freshener and only has one kid. First fresheners don’t have the udder development that they will (hopefully) develop with subsequent kiddings and does produce milk to meet the needs of their kids, so does with singles generally produce less milk than does with multiple kids. Therefore, when I decided it was time to start milking Thyme and Spice and separated them from their kids last night, I wasn’t expecting much from Thyme on the milk stand this morning.



Here is Thyme’s udder approximately 12 hours without nursing. Not fantastic but she gave me 14 oz of milk (a quart is 2 lbs or 32 oz) which isn’t bad given everything. I also didn’t completely milk her out as she has very small teats and was NOT good about standing quietly. Peak production is 8 weeks after freshening (kidding) so what she produces then will give me an idea of the milker she is likely to be in subsequent kiddings.

Spice kidded about two weeks ago and has twins. She is a first freshener but older and larger than Thyme. Here is her udder.



She gave me 20 oz (her twin Nutmeg gave me 22 oz on her first milking). Her teats are smaller than Nutmeg’s and she isn’t as easy to milk, but she was quiet on the milk stand. I’m anxious to see what she produces at 8 weeks as she looks almost identical to her mom, Joey, who was an exceptional milker.

Addendum: to see what Nutmeg’s udder looked like on her first freshening: Got Milk?



  1. there is nothing more BeautyFull than this view of a Goat. Love the detail of the hair….and love that
    it’s going well. Now for Nougat. Sometimes life is just GOOD.
    and the more Used the teats become, will they not enlarge, or elongate some?

  2. Yes, her teats will improve to some degree as she is milked. In thinking back, the reason I remember Joey’s teats as ‘small’ is that she was usually so engorged with milk, the first few minutes were difficult in milking. Once she had been milked down, she really was easy, even for a novice, to milk. My feeling that Thyme’s teats are ‘small’ may be in part due to the fact she was bouncing all over and it was not easy to milk her. In looking at the photo, her teats are definitely bigger than they felt! I suspect she will settle down after a few more times on the milk stand.

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