Final 2016 Lamb Tally

A friend stopped by yesterday for eggs and asked about updates on the lambs. While she was able to view lambs up close and personal, for those following the 2016 lambing season, lambing is over. My last two ewes have lambed. The last ewe to lamb was a young ewe that had never lambed before and she gave me a single ewe lamb at a very respectable 10 lbs on February 24th. My final lamb tally was 23 lambs but unfortunately we had one night where the temperatures drastically dropped and I went out to find a dead lamb the next morning. The lamb appeared to be thriving but had a very peculiar bleat so I don’t know if the lamb had a health issue or if it was just separated from the ewe and froze to death. (It was one of the triplets).

As of this morning I have 22 healthy lambs gamboling about. Ewes and lambs will start going out on pasture during the day sometime closer to the end of the month (and after I am sure the mountain lion my neighbor spotted on his game cam has moved on.)

I’ll try to get current pictures today and post them. Now I’m just waiting to see if the two goats I bred are actually pregnant. Stay tuned. . . .


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