Eighteen and counting

I thought one of the ewes was in labor Saturday but no lambs. Sunday she was again showing signs of being in labor but again no lambs. I worried all day Monday about her, especially given the size the lambs have been so far this year but when I got home, again no lambs. Early this afternoon, however, she finally decided she had had enough and I went out to find her cleaning off a lamb. The lamb looked much smaller than any of the other lambs but it seemed fine – up and trying to nurse while the ewe was alternating cleaning it off and pawing and circling, signs of another lamb to come. In short order, a second lamb was produced and I went in to let the ewe clean off both lambs before I weighed and dipped cords. When I went back out, the ewe was still exhibiting behaviors I associate with lambing. While I was observing her, she circled around and I saw two hooves – but back hooves and not front ones. I applied gentle traction and a third lamb slid out into my hands. I let the ewe clean off the third lamb while I weighed and dipped cords on the first two. Lamb one was an 8 lb ewe lamb and the second, also a ewe lamb, weighed 9 lbs. Lamb three was three for three, but 10 lbs.


In keeping with this year’s tradition of color, lamb 2 has two small black spots on her neck/shoulder and a small black patch on her left eye and larger black patch on her right eye.20160216_134801-1_resized

So while I was weighing lambs, another ewe delivered a lamb. After a delay, she also had a lamb present backwards. Her lambs were both ram lambs, weighing 10.5 and 10 lbs.


All but three ewes have now lambed with 18 lambs on the ground. Ten ewe lambs and eight ram lambs.


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