Moving right along

Yesterday afternoon when I went out to check on the new mom and her twins, I found another ewe on the ground groaning and stretching out her neck. Since my ewes generally just pop out the lambs without any fuss, this concerned me greatly. As I let myself into the sheep pen to check on her, she heaved herself up and out came a lamb. This ewe was large enough that I was sure she was carrying twins so I waited for the second lamb . . . and waited . . . and waited. I did some chores while keeping an eye on the ewe, hoping I wouldn’t need to intervene. The ewe was up and cleaning off her lamb with no signs of a second lamb. She’d occasionally paw the ground and circle – both signs of delivering – but then go back to cleaning off her lamb. I was getting ready to go into the house and grab my lambing supplies when she finally laid down and delivered a second lamb. I let her clean both off before I weighed and dipped cords, but when I finally weighed both lambs I understood why she seemed to be having more problems than usual. Lamb number one was a 13 lb male and two was a 12 lb male.


Here they both are a day later (today). The largest is tan. I’ve had more color show up in this year’s lambs which is interesting because the ram was white.


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