Fourth generation

In 2011 I purchased two registered Katahdin ewes out of Missouri. Both delivered twins for me in early 2012, however one was a horrible mother (see I was so taken by the one lamb’s ability to figure out a way to nurse that I kept her and when that ewe gave me a ewe lamb in 2014 with a black eye patch (ear tagged 02) I was talked into keeping that lamb as well. Since the majority of my ewes did not lamb last year at all, I wasn’t concerned when Ewe No. 02 didn’t lamb. Since this was her first year to give me any lambs I was expecting a single, so was pleasantly surprised when she gave me twins. Again a ram lamb and a ewe lamb, and in keeping with tradition, the ewe lamb has color. The ewe lamb was the smallest so far this year but still a respectable 8.5 lbs. Her brother was another big lamb, weighing in at 11 lbs.



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