First set of twins

No. 86 is my best ewe. I kept a ewe lamb out of her in 2014 but unfortunately lost her to a plant poisoning in the spring of 2015. So I was very happy when No. 86 gave me another ewe lamb this year.

So far the five lambs this year have all been exceptionally large. Generally about 8 or 8.5 pounds is a good size lamb and generally when a ewe twins, both lambs will be in that size range or possibly a little smaller. However, the ram lamb from No. 86 was a whopping 10.5 pounds and his sister was only slightly smaller at 9.5 pounds.


No. 86 is cleaning off her second lamb just prior to being moved to the lambing jugs.

Here No. 86 is two days later (today) with one of her lambs all cleaned up.


No. 9 and her single lamb are looking good as well.


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