2016 Lamb Contest now closed

a storm is predicted, and the sheep have started lambing earlier than expected.

When I went out to feed this morning there was a ewe standing apart from the rest and at her feet was a gorgeous brown lamb. As soon as I fed, while the other ewes were munching away, I moved the new mom and her little one to the lambing jugs which I hastily set up.

First 2016 Lamb

First 2016 Lamb

Unfortunately, it was not only a single (I only keep lambs from multiple births) but also a ram. 20160130_101359_resized

While I was in the process of setting up the lambing jugs I saw another ewe start to exhibit behaviors indicative of lambing, and sure enough, when I got back from my second trip out to the barn there was another lamb on the ground being cleaned off by an attentive mom. While I was weighing the first ram lamb (a whopping 12 pounds) and dipping his cord, the second ewe delivered a second lamb. I moved mom and her twins to the lambing jugs and left her to finish cleaning them up before going back out to weigh lambs and dip cords. Photos to follow.


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