First Naming Contest of 2016

Quibeyn Farm has two new additions. Although a storm was predicted for Northern New Mexico, the roads between here and western I-40 were clear so I and a friend and her two girls took a road trip this morning and came home with . . . 20160109_122018_resized

I’ve been researching various breeds of heritage hogs for a few years now and had decided I wanted American Guinea Hogs. I found someone who had a couple of litters on the ground and made arrangements to pick them up after the first of the year.

The mom to the littlest hog is in this photo:

Sow is the larger hog (horizontal) behind the two vertical ones.

Sow is the larger hog behind the front two hogs

While the hogs started home in half a dog crate, halfway home the dog crate got put in the trunk and the two finished up the trip on laps.

They are currently residing in a dog kennel in my barn, out of the elements with a dog crate stuffed with hay for sleeping quarters. Eventually they will spend their days on pasture and I will set up a pen closer to the house for nights.

20160109_153247_resized (2)20160109_153238_resized (2)

In the meantime the two need names so the first naming contest of the year starts now and runs through January 15th. Names must be posted in the comments to be counted. Everyone who comments will have their name put in a random raffle and the winner will receive a bar of handmade goat milk soap.



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