Indoor Gardening

I bought a spaghetti squash a few weeks ago. The organic ones were on sale for the same price as the non-organic so I bought an organic squash. It sat on my counter for about ten days before I finally decided to have it for dinner one night. I microwaved it for a minute to make it easier to cut open and when I opened it I discovered that most of the seeds had started to sprout. Wondering if I could actually grow spaghetti squash indoors this winter, I scooped out some seeds and threw them into a small planter. Lo and behold, the seeds (despite having been nuked) grew well.


I added some organic fertilizer and put it in the breakfast room where it had plenty of sun. (I also bumped the heat in the house up to 62 degrees.) Soon it was looking even better. 20151118_120944-1_resized

Then it actually started to flower (of course all the flowers so far have been male.) 20151217_170237_resized

However, it soon became obvious it was becoming root bound so I was faced with either losing it because it was root bound or potentially losing it to transplant shock. I opted to try to transplant it and I set up some earth boxes in the breakfast room. A couple of days after being re-planted it appears to be doing well. I’m hoping for some female flowers in the near future that I can pollinate. 20151222_081704_resized

As the spaghetti squash appeared to be a success, when I opened the non-organic acorn squash I ate for Thanksgiving up, I scooped out some seeds and planted those as well. I had just about given up on those seeds germinating when suddenly . . . . 20151217_170215_resized

I went ahead and transplanted those as well. 20151222_081818_resized

Last night I planted some radishes and lettuce and placed the trays on a heating mat to help germination. I have several more earth boxes and with luck will be able to start enough seeds to plant them all this winter.


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