Nutmeg is Joey’s offspring from December 2013. I bred her this winter when I leased a buck to re-breed Joey and Nougat. It does not appear that Nougat was successfully bred, but Nutmeg started spreading out and bagging up fairly early so I was hopeful she was indeed bred and would kid in July. However as the days in July passed I was starting to think that perhaps she was just having a false pregnancy (not uncommon in dairy goats). Yesterday when she went off her feed and started bleating I thought maybe . . . but no obvious signs of her being in labor, just the constant, all day long, bleating. She stopped when the sun went down but this morning when I went out, she was standing in the lambing jug chewing on a piece of placenta . . . with two little kids in a corner.

I went back to the house for betadine and the scales (and camera) and then climbed into Nutmeg’s pen. Little buckling weighed 4.75 lbs and looks to be a buckskin with white. The little doeling was 3.75 lbs. I haven’t determined what color pattern she is genetically but she is dark with a lot of white. Both appear to be healthy and were up and nursing. From the back Nutmeg’s bag looks beautiful, and her teats are nice and big but I’m not as happy with the fact that the teats face forward rather than down. I’ll introduce her to the milking stand in a couple of weeks and then will see how that impacts on hand milking her.


DSC02939 (2)




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