Back on schedule

Now that ewe 102 got the ball rolling on April 1st, the sheep are lambing on the usual schedule – one or two ewes will lamb every day.

Saturday afternoon I went out to get a goat to milk and found a 2014 ewe, which I was pretty sure had been bred, lying on the ground moaning. Since my older ewes all lamb with relatively little fuss, I was a little concerned that this ewe might be having problems, especially she was a first time mother and all the lambs to date have been large. However, when I went into the sheep pen to check on her, she was having none of it. She heaved herself up and turned around to run. It did give me an opportunity to see that there were two small hooves protruding. As it turned out, my help was unnecessary and she did deliver a 10 lb ewe lamb on her own.

20150405_093132-1_resized  Sunday morning I went out to find another ewe had delivered twins. This was a ewe I had kept from my first lamb crop because she was a triplet. Ewes from multiple births are more likely to also birth multiple lambs, and hence are the ones you want to breed. However, despite the fact that this ewe had the genetics to twin, she has never given me more than a single lamb. Evidently she knew she had made her way onto my short list of ewes to replace and this year she gave me twins – both ram lambs and 9 and 10 lbs respectively. 20150405_093201-1_resized


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