April Fool?

I have been expected sheep to start lambing since March 5th. Every day the sheep got bigger, some started to bag up, but no lambs. I took a break mid morning and went out to check on sheep. All the sheep but one were together. The sole sheep apart was pawing the ground, circling and doing much of the behaviors I associate with an imminent lambing. I headed to the barn for some hay, figuring I’d need to move the other sheep away from the gate so I could move the ewe and lamb(s). Sure enough, when I got back from the barn, there was a lamb on the ground being cleaned off. I moved ewe and lamb to the lambing jug which I had prepared with fresh bedding, hay and water and decided to hold off for a while before weighing the lamb, dipping the cord, etc. I went back out about 15 minutes later and found a second lamb being cleaned off.

The first lamb was a ewe lamb, about 8 lbs. The second was a ram lamb, about 9 lbs. Both have been up and nursing.

First lamb of 2015

First lamb of 2015

Ewe lamb having her first meal

Ewe lamb having her first meal

Ram lamb finding his feet

Ram lamb finding his feet



  1. Too bad you aren’t here. Today I’ll ear tag the lambs, trim the ewe’s feet and turn all back in with the rest of the sheep. It is always easier with help.

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