Home Again

Joey, my milk producing superstar Nigerian Dwarf, kidded out in December 2013. When the doelings were weaned, they went off to live with a friend down the road for her two girls. (To Everything There is a Season – February 23, 2014) Now that the two have grown up and are ready to breed, it was time to bring them back again.

Friday, Nutmeg and Spice came home. Nutmeg 2015-01-10-2

spice 2015-01-10-3

Right now they are separated from the “big” goats but will be re-integrated back into the herd. I’ll try to post a good photo of Joey in the next few days. Spice looks so much like her dam that I’ve done a double take a couple of times to confirm that Joey was still in her proper pen.

You can see that my first attempt to disbud using a dehorning paste was not very successful (Nutmeg) but my second attempt worked just fine (Spice). It was certainly a lot easier and less traumatic on all of us not to use a disbudding iron so I will use the paste on future kids now that I (hopefully) have the process down correctly.


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