New Year

The last few months of 2014 brought some rather expensive problems. We had monsoons during the late summer,  which brought much needed rain to the pastures but also brought flooding. The driveway which I had rebuilt after being washed out the fall of 2013 washed out at the top of the drive. The road repairs have not yet been done by the county road department and I elected not to repair the drive again until after the drainage on the road was completed. So my anticipated expenditures for 2015 include more work on the driveway. In December while having someone do what was supposed to be a quick fix for the plumbing lines for the house well, we discovered that the pressure tank needed to be replaced. After replacing the tank we discovered that the problem was much more extensive and that a new well was needed. I had a sand filter placed on the lines for the irrigation well and the hope is that if there is no sand being pumped out of the irrigation well, we can reroute the water from the irrigation well into the house for the time being and postpone having to drill a new well for at least a few months. However, given that the irrigation well is only used to water livestock and therefore used only every other day at this time of the year, it is probably going to be at least another week before a determination can be made whether that option is viable. So while I spent the end of the year juggling finances, I’ve also spent some time contemplating why I choose to live here.

The New Year brought a winter storm with it and I woke up this morning to six inches of fresh snow on the ground and drifts that were up to the dogs’ bellies. This was a good reminder why I elect to remain on the farm despite the problems associated with rural living.

A look down the drive

A look down the drive

The front pasture

The front pasture

The view from the deck

The view from the deck

Now that hunting season is over, the mule deer have returned. In the past two weeks I have seen several small groups of deer, including does with last spring’s fawns and a six point buck, in my front pasture.

I cannot imagine living in a city environment and not being able to connect with nature on a daily basis by simply walking out the door. So here is hoping that the snow fall beginning the New Year is a sign that there will be pasture again this spring for the new lambs (expected in early March) to frolic in.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015!


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  1. Fred actually gave up and slept in the garage. Both porches were covered with snow. He comes in to eat breakfast and for short visits but he doesn’t want to stay long and I agree. His big ol’ tail just knocks everything over. Tom (old cat) wouldn’t even consider going out and Cookie (new and crazy cat) stuck one foot out and whirled around and dashed to the other end of the house. She did eventually venture out and it was pretty funny. My tires are not good so I didn’t even ask about the milk and when it melts your road will be a disaster, again.

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