Right on schedule

Joey was bred last July and kidded in December and the sheep, bred last fall, started lambing late February and finished mid-March. Nougat was my sole hold-out; she was bred on Christmas Day. The gestation period for goats and sheep is 150 days plus or minus. Today was day 150. Nougat, being a very considerate goat, promptly kidded this afternoon — triplets, all female. She is a very protective mother and tried to butt me when I went in to sex and weigh the kids. I managed a quick look at the three and told her I would come back to weigh them after she had cleaned them off and they were all settled in. On my next trip to the lambing jug I tried bribing Nougat with fresh hay . . . evidently I need a better bribe next time as she promptly butted me into a fence when I picked up the first kid to weigh her . . . and the second kid and the third. The first kid born is the light tri-colored doeling. She weighed 6 lbs. The darkest kid weighs 4 lbs and the medium brown kid weighs 6 lbs. All are up and appear to be fine.



A naming contest will be posted sometime in the next week with the prize being a bar of handmade soap.


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