To Everything There is a Season

Nutmeg Spice -2Nutmeg and Spice in their new digs.

Kids are adorable and their antics can make even the most dour person smile. However, there comes the day when ties must be broken.

Dairy does are bred so that they will begin lactation and produce milk. Some people who own dairy goats will pull kids at birth and never allow the kids to nurse directly from the doe. I prefer to keep kids with the doe, assuming she has sufficient milk and allows them to nurse, and won’t start milking the doe until the kids are two weeks old at least. This year the kids were about nine weeks old before I started milking Joey again – moving Joey to another pen during the day, milking her in the evening and then putting her back with Spice and Nutmeg at night.

Now, at ten weeks of age, it was obvious that the nursing Spice and Nutmeg were doing was more of a “comfort” nursing than a need for nutrition. They have been eating hay, along with Joey, for several weeks and keeping them apart from Joey during the day did not result in a weight loss. So it was time for the kids to move on.

While I will get one back in a few months, for now, Nutmeg and Spice are now down the road with a friend so that her daughters can use Nutmeg and Spice in 4-H. Whichever comes back will be used to handling and much easier to train to the milk stand.

It will be quieter out at then pens for awhile but lambing starts next weekend so the lambing jugs will soon be full once again.


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