So the season begins

I got home earlier than normal for a Monday afternoon. My first stop was to check on the ewe and lambs currently residing in the lambing jug. As I walked past the sheep pen I saw that one ewe had not gotten up when the rest came to the fence.  As I was debating on whether to check on her first, she did get up and there was one tiny hoof visible. Not knowing how long she had been in labor, I decided to take care of the ewe and lambs and then, if there didn’t seem to be any progress, to deal with the ewe ready to lamb. In the short amount of time it took for me to fill the hay feeder and water bucket, the ewe had delivered a lamb and was cleaning it off. As I watched, she laid down again and out came a second lamb. I quickly got the second lambing jug ready for its new occupants and then threw some hay into the feeders in the sheep pen to keep the rest of the sheep occupied while I moved mom and babes.

DSC01678DSC01672 Still wet and being cleaned off by mom. Weights on these two were 8.0 and 8.5 lbs. And you guessed it — both ram lambs.


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