DSC00175Friends trailered my horse to my farm in December. Since I wasn’t sure where I wanted a corral, I decided to put up an electric fence for the horse in the short-term. I set it up close to a water hydrant and within sight of the house. (I had intended to convert the barn into a training building and wanted to keep dogs showing up for classes away from the livestock.)

Soon after the horse arrived we had a storm and unbeknownst to me the electric fence shorted out. The next morning I went out to feed and the horse was gone. Okay, not panicking. The property was fenced so the horse was probably just exploring the property. Or not. As it turned out, in one corner along the easement, where the gate is for my neighbors to access the easement, the fence had been cut. On 18 acres of property, the horse found the one section of fence that was down and made her escape.

All the important phone numbers are never in the phone book. I woke up the people I had bought my property from to get phone numbers for my neighbors.  Several phone calls and introductions later, a neighbor half a mile away provided the number for the livestock inspector. After walking the road looking for a horse, hoof prints, or anything else that might lead me to the horse, I went home to wait, and wait, and wait some more.

A week or so after Empress went walk-about, one of my neighbors called. He had been talking with someone who happened to mention a stray horse had shown up on her property. He passed along her number and with fingers crossed I called it. I walked down the road with halter in hand a short while later to bring Empress home.

Empress resided in the exercise area for the kennel until I had a pipe corral put up shortly thereafter.

Lesson Two: check fence lines frequently


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