Welcome to Quibeyn Farm

As a graduate student many years ago I obtained a mixed breed pup, probably an Australian Shepherd mix, from the local Animal Shelter and named her Bey. About a year later I agreed to foster a very dark blue merle Australian Shepherd mix. Half of her face was solid black and the other half a dark merle. When I took her for shots, the veterinary tech said her face reminded her of a harlequin, hence her name “Quin.” Quin ended up staying with me and both dogs accompanied me when I took a sabbatical from graduate school for a job on an archaeological site in California. After graduate school we went back to California for a time, returned to New Mexico and then headed east when I took a job CIMG1013   on a horse farm in Conneticut. We eventually wound our way further north, living for a time in Vermont. Tiring of the snow, the dogs and I returned to New Mexico. I lost Quin to cancer in the late 1990s and Bey to old age a few years later. However, to acknowledge the course they set me on so many years ago, when I finally bought my own place in late 2007 it became Quibeyn Farm. In future posts I’ll cover my philosophy regarding raising livestock and share what has worked, and hasn’t worked, for me.


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